! @ # $% In Game Pass and the end of the Killzone franchise

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means: JJ and Boris have fun making games. Time for a new one! @ # $%. In this release, JJ and Boris talked about Game Pass, Cyberpunk 2077, PS5, and the possible end of the Killzone series, plus more.

“ Microsoft (out of necessity) fully committed to Game Pass in 2021 ”

JJ and Boris talked last week about Game Pass and Ubisoft, and today that story ends. We know Microsoft has a deal with EA and there might be a deal with Ubisoft. But it now appears that Microsoft has been in discussions with nearly every major publisher about potential partnerships. So Microsoft seems to be putting all of its chips on Game Pass. And this is not surprising as their service is very good. So it’s likely that more things will be announced for Game Pass soon.

Dutch victim

For years, the Killzone franchise has been PlayStation’s answer to the Halo and Gears series. We can say with 100% confidence that Killzone has never succeeded in achieving the glory that Halo did. But despite the lesser success of the Dutch shooter, the franchise has filled a void in the PlayStation console in a good way. However, the Killzone franchise appears to be over. And it’s not actually that strange. Guerilla made one of the best PS4 games in the last few years with Horizon Zero Dawn. Since then, Guerilla has been working on the PC version of the game, Herman Hulst becomes president of Sony Worldwide Studios, and my neighbor Horizon: Forbidden West. And so coupled with the fact that www.killzone.com Soon a lead to playstation.com may indicate that we won’t get another Killzone. But why then do those job vacancies for people specializing in FPS …

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