In Noord-Beveland they agree: it should not be too much, but better

Mas also agreed. He hopes the Nord-Bowland would be better off targeting beaches near village centers. And a new pool could cause additional problems such as a shortage of volunteers, which, according to him, is now in the swimming pool at Wischenkerg.

More great lighting

When it comes to light, today all parties are involved Zeeland Room Guests, that can draw the wallet. Mass says safety comes first, and that good lighting is important. She believes it should be consistent. “In North Holland they do this with algae on the illuminated road.” In his opinion, there are many examples to see in Nord-Bowland.

Van Belson also mentions public lighting as one of the areas of improvement on the island. “At some point it’s completely bad.” Van der Gran believes that the first step is to get the lights in the villages properly. “

Road disappointments

All three candidates expressed themselves on the road from Kos to Jericho. There is a lot of concern about this, but the candidates also know that eventually the province will have to take action. That too causes frustration. “I’m annoyed by the speed of the process. This is not an unsafe road from yesterday,” says Van Belson. “As a municipality, you can continue to move towards the province.”

Listen to the conversation with the three candidates below, in which the most important spearheads for a party are mentioned in thirty seconds.

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