In this match, golfer Kopka defeated his rival, Tsambe

American golfer Brooks Copca defeated his rival Bryson Tsambo in a live TV show called The Match. The fight between Copca and Tsambo at the Vin Golf Club in Las Vegas was basically over twelve holes, but after nine holes the 31-year-old Copca had already won.

Icons Tiger Woods and Bill Mickelson started the competition three years ago and now have five editions. In the first edition in 2018, the stock was $ 9 million. Michelson defeated Woods by more than 22 runs in a long game that completely robbed him.

In subsequent years, the proceeds of the competition always went to charity. Golfers Michelson, Woods and DiCambe have been assisted in the game by stars from other sports including American footballers Tom Brady, Beyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers and basketball players Stephen Curry and Charles Barclay.

In Las Vegas, the fifth edition of The Match was again a fight between two golfers. Kopka, a four-time big winner, and Tsampev, who excelled at last year’s US Open, have a difficult relationship. In recent years, they have clashed regularly, especially verbally. The two best golfers recently set aside their mutual enmity in the Ryder Cup. They gave victory to the United States in a valuable battle with Europe.


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