In this way, you can integrate the TV into your home in an elegant way

1. Wallpaper or murals

Beautiful textured wallpaper or photo wallpaper with stunning print can make that boring and bare wall around the TV look cozier. Moreover, now you pay less attention to the solid black screen in the living room.

2. Photo or art frames

By filling the wall with picture frames and/or art, there is less contrast between the wall and the TV. In this way, you are actually recording your TV in the so-called Photo Gallery. It is preferable to use frames in the same style to ensure cohesion and calmness. Do you still want to create a fun effect? Then resize the lists.

Hint: Fortunately, there are also simple, flat screen televisions that pretend to be a painting by displaying digital art on standby. Some of these TVs come with a frame, so that your TV looks like a real work of art. But if you’re a little handy, you can also make a frame yourself!

3. Bookshelves

If you are looking for a simple solution, bookshelves are perfect. You can place picture frames, sculptures, books, or other visuals that draw the eye away from the big screen.

4. Wooden panels

With the appearance of the famous Japandi interior style Wooden wall panels are very popular. Especially now that technology is increasingly a part of homes, it’s so nice to find peace in the natural elements. There are also countless DIY videos online for assembling these wall panels yourself. I read here How to make it yourself.

5. TV cabinet

One of the best ways to hide your TV is to create a custom cabinet with open sections around it. This allows you to use all the space in the house by maximizing the height and is the perfect place to show off your most beautiful accessories. With LED lighting that puts the decorator in the spotlight!

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