In turn, he left the coach and charted the national team before the European Championships and the Olympic Games

In 2009, the coach joined the KNGU gymnastics federation. He has been appointed as a national women’s coach and is tasked with giving a new impetus to women’s gymnastics. In “new-style gymnastics,” as it was called, Wiersma’s job was to get everyone on the same page. From now on, the best Dutch gymnasts did not have to be completely opposite to each other, but worked shoulder to shoulder. He never got rid of the “Mosul” poster.

He did and draw what he was told and hated hitting the boobs, although the results gradually achieved by Dutch women’s gymnastics sometimes gave reason to do so. The 2012 London Summer Games were the first glimmer of hope, when Van Gerner finished the all-round Olympic Games in twelfth place. It turned out to be a precursor to the best years of Dutch women’s gymnastics.

Success in the World Cup and games

During the 2015 World Championships in Glasgow, Sanne Wevers took the silver on the crossbar and the gymnasts reached eighth in the Nations Cup. This classification provided direct access to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

In the Brazilian capital, the Netherlands ranked seventh in the final battle, a historical finding that has been ignored by all of the publicity surrounding the case of Yuri van Gelder. Sanne Wevers in turn pushed Van Gelder’s exile to the background with her gold medal on the bar. The last success of the Dutch women dates back to the European Championships 2018 in Glasgow, where she won the bronze medal at the Nations Cup.

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