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Dick season has started again. So at this time the activity of ticks is very high in large parts of the Netherlands. There have been several reports of tick bites in Limburg.

It writes a natural site called Nature Today. Ticks spread severe Lyme disease to humans. Researchers also warn of another tick-borne disease, tick-borne encephalitis (DPE).

Remove quickly
“We’m currently in the middle of dick season. With the Whitson weekend and summer holidays approaching, more and more people will go out in nature or work in the garden and get bitten by a tick,” said biologist Arnold von Vleit of Wageningen University and nature coordinator. Today.

A tick will be removed soon after the bite, and the chances of infection with the borrelii bacteria that cause Lyme disease are small.

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Removal speed is even more important with the TBE virus (tick-borne encephalitis) because the infection occurs much faster after the bite. In most cases, the tuberculosis virus does not cause mild symptoms such as the flu, but in some cases it can cause inflammation or swelling of the spine in the brain (membrane).

The tuberculosis virus is spreading in the Netherlands. A study by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) found the virus to be present in 9 of the 24 GGT regions in the Netherlands.

Very slim chance
Nevertheless, you are still very unlikely to get rid of the TB virus from a tick bite. Between 2016 and 2020, twelve patients in the Netherlands were reported to be suffering from tick-borne encephalitis in the Netherlands. The chances of contamination are high: Saunders Hewlerock, Woodrech Hewlerock, Central North Braband, Flavopolder, Twente and Acerhock.

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The virus also appears to be present in Limburg, but so far no patients have reported it here. Antibody research shows that tick bites are caused by the tuberculosis virus in our province.

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