Indebuurt The Hague Has Been There For 5 Years: Win A Book If Heaven Had Enough Space by Splinter Chabot

We will live long in Gloria! This week, the editors of Indebuurt The Hague celebrate the site’s five-year existence. Over the course of five years, we’ve been bringing you the best news, facts and advice about picnics, good food and shopping. To celebrate, we are giving away prizes every day this week.

Of course, you’ll find plenty of interesting outings and tips in The Hague. That’s why you regularly read about the best advice from The Hague and other news from The Hague. Thanks to our birthday, you now have a chance to win a book by The Hague Splinter Chabot writer and presenter.

to win

The title of Splinter’s final book is If the Sky Had Enough Space. Indebuurt is allowed to give up three copies. About the book:

Friends Magnus and Elias are polar opposites: Magnus runs through life, Elias watches Magnus as he puts the world at his will. They decide to embark on a journey together through a land that has long been enchanted. The path is set, the destination is fixed. Along the way, they face the biggest choices in their lives.

Although Magnus lives in the sunlight, there is a shadow in his head. Elias discovers that no matter how close you are to someone, in the end everyone is on their own with their thoughts. If heaven has enough space It is a crushing fairy tale-like account of unconditional friendship, doubt and loneliness. But above all about desire and freedom.

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