Indian mountaineer rescued alive from crevasse after three days | outside

A mountaineer from India was rescued alive three days after a crevasse in Nepal. Anurag Malu descended Mount Annapurna on Monday, ended up in a valley and rescuers found him in critical condition on Thursday, according to reports. BBC News.

Annapurna is the ninth highest mountain in the world. The summit is more than 8,000 meters high. This mountain is known for its treachery.

Malo disappeared at an altitude of 6,000 metres. According to his father, he slipped while descending and ended up in a gap between two camps, reports say Indian Express. He is currently being treated in a hospital in Pokhara, Nepal.

According to Amit Chowdhury of the UIAA mountain sports organization, you have a good chance of surviving in an icy valley. Previously said to BBC.

On Tuesday, two more climbers had already been rescued in the area. It was not revealed how long they were missing. Recently a climber came from Ireland for lifehaving reached the summit of Annapurna.

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