Indoor Athletics European Championships: Samuel in the 60m Final extends his Weser title | sport

Athlete Samuel will go to the 60m final

Athlete Jamil Samuel has once again proven herself as a runner in one of the major tournaments. The 28-year-old from Amsterdam, who was at the highest level in over a decade, reached the 60-meter final at the European Indoor Championships in Toruون, Poland.

Samuel finished third in the semi-finals. This rating didn’t directly lead to a final place, but with 7.26 she was one of the fastest athletes to score a ticket for the Sunday evening final battle based on their time.

The semi-finals were to the fore Naomi Sydney The final stop. She finished fifth in the semi-finals at 7.35, and was thus eliminated.

Swiss Ajla del Ponte was the fastest in the final, with 7.19. Polish defender Iowa Soboda missed the European Indoor Championships. The first candidate contracted the Coronavirus just before the tournament and was not allowed to participate.

Weser was named to the final of the 60m hurdles

Quinn Smet works on a tough European indoor athletics championship. Amsterdam reached the final of the 60m hurdles. The Dutch champ has done eleven times (including open air) based on his time of 7.69.

Smit finished third in a series of semi-finals. The first two were sure of the final, because its time was important. In the end, he turned out to be the number 3. The final match was Sunday evening.

Nadine Visser also qualified for the 60m hurdles final and appears to be on track to extend the title. The reigning champion is rushed to the final battle of the semi-finals. She won the competition at 7.86, a time just above her Dutch record of 7.81.

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Brown no longer starts in seven

Peter Brown It no longer begins in the seventh. The multiplayer contestant stopped the fight because he sprained an ankle in High Jump, the fourth and final part on Saturday. “With the approaching summer season, I do not want to take risks and will not continue,” said the decathlon specialist, who finished seventh in the World Cup 2019. In Toru, after the first four events – 60 meters, long jump, ball throwing and high jump – Brown finished 10th with 3,300 points.

Tam is doing well at 60m hurdles

And continued on Sunday in the seventies of the 60-meter hurdles. Rick Tam, The second Dutch player on the field, did well with an 8.03 and climbed to fourth in the standings. French star Kevin Mayer He won 60 hurdles in 7.78 and cemented his leadership position. Pole vaulting and 1000 meters have yet to come.

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