Infectious diseases destroy elm trees in Amstelveen

Amstelveen – In Amstelveen, infectious Dutch elm disease has been detected in several places: the municipality is forced to cut down infected trees immediately to prevent damage to healthy trees.

Tasty tapas week 24

Dutch elm disease, a fungal infection that causes elms to die within two weeks, has been found in Camera Obscuralaan, Farmanlaan, Landtong and more recently at Water Cirkel, among others.


Dutch elm disease is a fungal infection that causes the tree to die very quickly. Since the tree instantly closes its woody vessels at the level of infection when the fungus enters, this part of the tree no longer receives moisture and nutrition.

As a result, the affected part dies quickly, but the fungus continues to multiply in the tree. Within 14 days the entire tree dies. Dutch elm disease spreads easily from infected trees to healthy ones. This is done by elm bark beetles that carry the fungus and through root contact between the elm, “ the municipality reported.


When the elm needs to be cut back, tree managers assess whether it is also necessary to remove the immediately adjacent tree so that root contact does not cause further spread of the fungus to prevent further infection and contain disease.

Replant the green

The starting point is to plant new greenery in the fall. The municipality then assesses whether these sites are suitable for new trees or other green spaces.

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