Infernal abdominal pain for Van Klinken during the World Cup final discus throw

Athletics – Infernal pains in her stomach played tricks on Jorend van Klinken of Assen in the World Cup final that she participated in last night in Eugene, USA. During her World Championships debut, she just missed the podium. With a distance of 64.97 metres, Drenthe came fourth.

Van Klinken is not entirely satisfied with the distance she has traveled. But it does not complain about its fourth place. “Being number four in the world at 22, that’s really weird”, Tell the athlete in NOS.

For Assense, it was difficult to achieve the best performance of her career while you were in terrible pain: “Your organs seem to be ripped from your body.” That wasn’t how he envisioned her performance in the World Cup Final.

In recent weeks, Jorinde van Klinken has had to deal with several setbacks. “In fact, it went so wrong that the course of this final didn’t really matter to me,” says the athlete. She was told that she had to give up her place at Arizona State University. She wants to stay in the United States, but runs the risk of being labeled an illegal alien. After finishing her studies, she was in danger of being unable to renew her student visa in time due to bureaucratic concerns. In the end everything went on the last day.

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