Inge Blockmans: “You shouldn’t fix people like me. I’m not broken” | According to

Invisible chastity belt

The researcher moved to Australia to work on her PhD on the sexual well-being of women with spinal cord injury. An inquiry into sexuality, barriers to experiencing or even seeking pleasure, bodies seen and touched, unseen and unfelt, desires to be and to be swallowed… she spoke to women about pleasure in small things. Dare to buy a sexy set hanging in the shop window, share eye contact and go to sleep together.”

“You’re actually wearing a chastity belt because of external practices: caregivers touching your body in ways you don’t want or talking about your body. You keep giving, but you don’t dare to receive anymore.”

“Love Sees Beyond Barriers”

Researcher here Blackmans back tattooed. A salute to all the people who are no longer here, but who she carries with her throughout her life. The tattoo also represents a good friend he lost when he was 19. Blackmans, the friend hoped, would one day find his prince in shining armor when he couldn’t make it. And so it happened. “My friend is a triathlete. He is Or all peopleWith such a trainable body, the physical appearance is beyond…”

“He sees my wheelchair as a means of transportation with which you can reach amazing speeds: something to see the world with.”

Apart from her boyfriend, her family is also a source of inspiration and support: “They make the unthinkable possible. They go on miles of treks with me. We climb rocks together, trek through bamboo forests, trek through volcanic fields. I am so grateful to them. Love takes you beyond obstacles.” Makes it look.”

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