Injured Frank Ocean skips second Coachella show after criticizing first | music

Frank Ocean canceled his second Coachella performance on Sunday. His spokesperson confirms that the artist should be absent on the advice of a doctor diverse.

Ocean suffered an injury that led to his Coachella debut last weekend. According to the statement of his spokesperson, he suffered two fractures and a sprain in his left leg.

“Ocean was unable to perform the show as intended, but insisted on going on stage. The show was modified out of necessity within 72 hours,” the spokesperson explains.

This modified show drew criticism from the periphery. The show started an hour late, and critics said it was substandard. Fellow R&B and hip-hop artist Justin Bieber has defended himself. “I was blown away,” the singer wrote on Instagram. “This performance makes me want to continue and become better as an artist.”

Ocean, who hasn’t released a new album since 2016, announced during his first Coachella show that a new work from him is ready. He hasn’t sung that neighborhood yet.

Ocean will be replaced as headliner by blink-182 on Sunday during Coachella’s second weekend.

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