Inside look Daniel: “I like the overview and a tidy house”

Every week we take a look at the home of a townspeople. Only private houses, massive buildings, colorful interiors or comfortable homes; We reach everywhere. This week we can take a look inside Danielle. She lives with her boyfriend and newborn son in a comfortable 1930s home in Korrewegwijk.

In the summer of 2019, Danielle and Barry bought their signature ground floor apartment in Oosterhamrikkade. Their first home after years of living together is in the studio. They had only been together for five and a half years, but in early January Danielle gave birth to their son Wes. In terms of space, this all fits perfectly into the brand new family.

Photo | Daniel van der Meer

Regularly on the balcony

Danielle tests Korrewegwijk as fun; Nice neighborhood to live in. “I love that Dot, a multi-functional meeting place, is very close by. Especially in the warmer months, I can find here regularly on the balcony. Plus, there are many opportunities to walk in the jogging area in the vicinity. Our dog can run great in Pioenpark. , Toward Kardinge and at Oosterpark. “

The ground floor apartment of 70 sq.m. is located in the corner and thus has beautiful lighting spaces. The couple fell in love with the typical elegant elements, such as the interior doors and the bay window in the front. “The colorful tiles in the hall make you happy the moment you enter. What also makes me very happy is our garden. At 56 square meters, it’s very spacious and a good place to stay.”

Photo | Daniel van der Meer
Photo | Daniel van der Meer

Not big but attractive

According to Danielle, their home instantly felt like home: “We don’t live very much, but we do have a nice atmosphere. Limited space ensures creativity. The ceilings are relatively high, so we created storage spaces from the space above the wardrobe. With a roll curtain in front. , You have space for things you don’t use often and are instantly hidden neatly. I like the overview and a tidy home. ”

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Urban chic, this is what Danielle prefers to set her style apart. Although Barry described it as industrial. This is mainly due to the black elements. I like the combination of natural and earth tones. Relax with a great touch, “she concludes with a laugh. Danielle is very fond of her relaxation corner, which consists of a bamboo chair with sheepskin cushions.” I regularly pull here with a book and when we have visitors, we use this chair as an extra seat. One of the desires is to remove the wall separating the kitchen from the living room one day, so that we have one big living space. “

Photo | Daniel van der Meer


People from Groningen prefer to shop internally at actual stores. You think furniture should have a personal feel. That’s why Danielle prefers to go places that are less common. “For example, I recently bought an old-fashioned wardrobe from someone who bought things. The Lifestyle and Nuffer store in Groningen is one of my favorites, but I also like visiting Sissy Boy. I like to see and feel things, so I never work out online.

Photo | Danielle

Gold and luster

Before Wes was born, Danielle was constantly busy with interior design. “I wanted to manipulate and change everything and at the same time I want to keep things calm in terms of design. Now I have to rotate decorations throughout the seasons.” In general, the Groningen couple are on the same page. “I always discuss big purchases,” says Danielle, smiling. “I wanted something on the wall for a while and was sure it would look cool. Even though I sent Barry a picture in advance, he thinks it’s too glamorous because of the shine and gold. I absolutely love it. It matches well with the furniture, which is why it is stable. “

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Photo | Daniel van der Meer

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