Inside look: elegant living hotel in De Pijp

Interior designer Doortje (@Home through): “The history of the house dates back to the end of the nineteenth century. You can see this from the height of the ceilings (3.10 m), the decorations and the interior doors.”

The living room is the center piece

The living room is the place connected to the home. From here you can see all rooms. “I wanted it to become a bit of a loneliness, for there to be one common thread. In order to achieve that, I had something of a warm tone that reflected in every room.”

Experiment with patterns, colors, and atmospheres

How does Doortje describe her inner style? “Colorful, cozy, elegant hotel. I use a lot of rich, soft fabrics.”

She chose a mix of types of furniture. For example, the living room dining table is a heirloom, the old coffee table has been registered with Marktplaats and the sofa and rug have been purchased new. Nice combination!

When an interior designer changes something in the house, she prefers to create a brand new look right away. “In principle, the furniture will always be, so I often change it by applying a different color or wallpaper to the walls. What I also do is put new prints in the frames.”

Welcome Welcome

Although the entrance is only 1 by 2 meters, the inhabitant wanted to make a statement. “I painted the window and door frames a warm color. Then I hung a decorative frame and placed an accent background in it.” Enter in an eye catching!

Small but lovely bedroom

When you enter the bedroom, you immediately understand what you mean by Hotel chic. “I chose to place decorative moldings on the back wall. It’s a really small and easy procedure to give your bedroom or any room a very elegant look.”

Tips for more colors at home

Want to add more color to your home? Doortje has some practical advice. “Buy three or four accessories of the same color for your home. Think of a pillow, a candle, and a mirror for example. If you spread them around the room, they instantly form a unit.”

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