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Marc Felix was surprised by his place in the Dutch national team’s initial selection. The Buchholtz goalkeeper has a chance of securing a place in national coach Louis van Gaal’s final selection for the World Cup qualifiers against Latvia and Gibraltar.

Fleks reacted to his election to L1 EveningGuests Sports.

The goalkeeper received special news from people at his club SC Freiburg. “They called my club and the moment the other players heard about it, I was told too.” However, the place in the initial selection was not entirely unexpected. “I already had such a warning, but when you actually see your name, you are so proud.”

This warning was in part because Louis van Gaal had already mentioned his name during a press conference. Flex didn’t hear the coach called him until the next morning. “I was in bed early, so I got shrapnel on my phone the next morning.”

season start
He did not anticipate his place in the preliminary selection at this time of the season. “You sometimes talk about it with your agent, but I didn’t expect that because it’s still the start of the season and I haven’t been performing consistently at a level for a very long time.”

On October 1, Flick will hear if he will be definitively included in the Dutch national team selection.

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