Intended successor Angela Merkel scores poorly in opinion polls | abroad

Laschet, CDU chairperson and party leader in the upcoming elections, is under fire for the role he played in the recent floods in Germany. He was filmed laughing and talking in the hard-hit city of Irvinestadt, while in the foreground President Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed his condolences for the victims.

The party leader apologized for this via Twitter the same night, but that did not stop the German media from criticizing his behaviour. Der Spiegel wondered if Merkel was really entrusting the job of chancellor to someone who couldn’t control himself. Der Tagesspiegel stated that this would not have happened to Merkel.

The floods seem to have put climate back on the political agenda. A poll by broadcaster ARD showed that 81 per cent of Germans think more should be done on the climate. But Laschet, who is now prime minister of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, is known to be more conservative on climate issues. A poll by German research agency Civey on Wednesday showed that 26% believe Laschet can provide good climate protection.

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