Intensification of cooperation between the Surinamese and Moroccan companies

Minister Ramadan in an interview with the Moroccan press.

The intensification of cooperation between the Surinamese and Moroccan companies should lead to investments and an increase in commercial relations. This was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation.

Minister Ramadan is in Morocco during the past few days where the matter was discussed The opening of the Suriname embassy and consulate in Morocco. On March 12th, talks were held in Casablanca, Morocco between Minister Ramdine with senior representatives of a leading mining company MANAGEM, the global fertilizer producer CGEM, and the consortium of OCP companies.

The talks focused on the opportunities that Suriname should offer for investments and joint ventures, particularly in the mining sectors (gold, oil and gas) and agriculture, and the mutual benefits that both countries could derive from entering into commercial relations, including through signature. Aviation agreement and cooperation between the ports of Paramaribo and Dakhla.

“We need to position Suriname as a potential and attractive location on the South American continent for regional headquarters and distribution operations to countries in the region.” Minister Ramdin said after the talks, “For this we will of course have to make the necessary facilities and adjustments in our port and public transport infrastructure, but we must now start raising Interest around the world, and therefore in Morocco as well. “

Concept agreements have now been put forward regarding air and maritime cooperation. Agreements have been reached for signature as soon as possible.

The second roadmap, signed on March 11th, will support communication and consultation between Suriname and Morocco regarding technical support and the business community. The opening of a strongly commercial-oriented consulate in Dakhla should lead to tangible investments. Currently, only a few million dollars are exported to Morocco.

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By organizing virtual meetings next April, the first contacts between relevant ministries and the business community will be established in order to identify possible areas of cooperation.

The leaders of the aforementioned companies emphasized the possibility of establishing good business relations. Trade missions will be sent to Suriname as soon as conditions permit.

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