Interior Project Characters: You can see these stylish items in the studio

6 seats, 6 flavors

First of all, each participant chose his or her seat. The first clear statement from which you can immediately see that there is no argument about taste. For example, Défano chose Frank Gehry’s cardboard chair, a true design classic. This chair is a work of art in itself, even when it’s not used for sitting.

Géza and Carolien also chose the classic Eames Lounge chair and the Barcelona chair. Roth, Eugenia, and Shelly took a different tack and opted for a pattern in fabric, an angular chair, and a sleek design. No matter how different the chairs are, there’s one thing in common: They offer a preview of each participant’s preferred living style.


Interior experts already know: today’s interior trend greige. Neutral colors alternate between shades of gray and beige. You can also see these colors in the studio. This keeps the room light and makes it feel more spacious. You can also see this color trend combined with organic shapes, such as the circular sloping sofa and side tables next to the candidates’ chairs.

Closet full of accessories

This neutral direction mainly symbolizes peace and general outlook. With the right accessories, you can turn your interior into a statement and make it more special. Accessories are easier to change than furniture. In the studio, you see a closet full of stylish accessories—from books to vases, mirrors, and other cool eye-catchers.

There is also a real one on the wall Eye observer. Together, the separate cards make a great illustration. When you’re ready for something else, you can easily detach it, store it, and swap it out with one of the myriad other designs. Or even better: you create your own design. This way you can always make the room look new and completely customized to you.

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