“International content critical to Netflix’s continued success”

American broadcasting platform Netflix It launched new original products from twenty-eight different markets during the second quarter of this year. Thus, the company has broken its own record. This is according to a report issued by a consultant amp analysis.

Analysts assert that this international, original content is increasingly the critical underpinning for the streaming platform’s continued growth.

big lead
Since the beginning of this decade, Netflix has released new content from 44 regions. This gives the company a significant advantage over its competitors. With its HBO Max and Discovery+ platforms, Warner Bros. is focusing on out of 27 regions. Disney (23) and Prime Video (21) followed even further.

The report states that this international diversification provides Netflix with two strategies for further growth. “First and foremost, the platform’s original local content provides a way to open up new markets and attract new subscribers,” notes Ampere Analysis.

“In addition, the availability of an international range of content provides Netflix the opportunity to significantly differentiate itself from the competition.”

“As Netflix feels the pressure of successive quarters of subscriber losses, a renewed commitment to an international strategy allows the company to exploit an area where the platform still has an inherent advantage over its competitors.”

With the release of new content, Netflix’s international productions have now overtaken US-origin shows for seven consecutive quarters. “The pressure is great to make this strategy work, given the growing competition in the United States.”

Netflix launched 22 more US shows in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year. At the same time, Netflix’s share of total new streaming content in the US has fallen from 45 percent to 27 percent.”

intense competition
“In the context of intense domestic competition, Netflix’s interest in international original production makes more sense,” the researchers argue. Since the beginning of this decade, Netflix has launched 664 original American productions.

“This is still 50 percent more than the combined efforts of Discovery+ and HBO Max and twice that of Disney+ and Hulu. Netflix has also launched three times more US productions than Amazon.”

However, Netflix launched 814 titles globally during the same period. This equals 2.3 times that of Amazon, 2.4 times that of Warner Bros. and three times that of Disney. In fact, Netflix recently released more original products outside the US than its main competitors combined.”


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