International media praise Verstappen: ‘A triumph will be remembered for life’

The international media is full of praise for Max Verstappen’s performance during the Monaco Grand Prix last weekend. The Dutch dominated and thus won the principality for the first time. Foreign newspapers praise him for his strong performance in Monte Carlo.

Max Verstappen is the prince of Monaco and the tournament, and opens up Gazzetta dello Sport Monday morning deservedly. Not only did Verstappen win in Monaco, but also due to Lewis Hamilton in seventh place, he is now leading the tournament with 105 points. After Luis’ successes in Portimao and Barcelona (where he won, editor), Red Bull had to respond. She drove her champ, and the weekend got the most out of it, partly thanks to a Mercedes outside of the day.

Italian too Corriere dello Sport He hasn’t seen Verstappen make any mistakes, which is central to Monte Carlo’s distress. “The no-foul formula was executed perfectly by Verstappen, the young experienced (23 years, but 7 years of experience) who leads the World Cup for the first time in his career.” Not only was Verstappen top of the Formula 1 standings, but his team was as well. This is unique. This had never happened before in the hybrid era. The last time was in 2013, when Sebastian Vettel was still champion and Verstappen was still a kart.

“Perfect answer after the previous race.”

to me Newspaper One team and one driver stood out in Monaco: Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen. The Belgian daily praises the team’s patience and points to Mercedes, who tried to undermine at the pit stop with Lewis Hamilton and even lost places as a result. Red Bull was of course the biggest winner of the day. With Max Verstappen in first place, he fired the main jumper and thanks to a good tactical option, second driver helped Sergio Perez from eighth to fourth place. ” “A perfect answer after they were tactically defeated by Mercedes in the previous race in Spain.”

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The famous Watchman From the UK sees Verstappen revive the title fight, now that he has taken the lead from Hamilton. The newspaper opened: “Verstappen took the bull by the trumpets and drove flawlessly through the streets of Monte Carlo.” The length of those 78 rounds, without any hint of error. His team, Red Bull Racing, also worked at a very professional level.

In eyes BBC Verstappen clearly was Driver today, Although Formula 1 fans voted for Sebastian Vettel fifth. His win might not have been the most spectacular, but it was essential to break Hamilton’s momentum at the tournament. He fully dominated the race and was the fastest man on the track, which resulted in a deserved win. Sergio Perez received an honorable mention from the British mediator for his good race in the Red Bull 2nd race. He started in ninth place, but finished fourth.

Marca: Flawless Verstappen dominated from start to finish

Spanish Brand Of course, it focuses on fellow countryman Carlos Sainz, who is second behind Verstappen, but is also full of praise for the Dutchman. Dominate the race from start to finish by flawless Verstappen. This was his second win in 2021, which placed him at the top of the tournament from Hamilton. The newspaper attacked Mercedes. It was the worst day in years for Mercedes. Whatever can go wrong has gone wrong too.

Also Such as He pays attention to the Ferrari Sainz driver’s performance, but also praises Verstappen. Verstappen marched quietly to victory. It was a victory that didn’t make fans, but it will be remembered for life. ” These are the beautiful words of the Spaniards. “This is how everyone who is victorious in this magical city will prevail.”

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finally the teamWhich indicates that for the first time in 1036, Mercedes did not lead the championship. “The Dutchman was flawless,” says the French sports magazine. He had to do so, because the track was opened half an hour before the start of the race by the one who set off on Saturday. Charles Leclerc hit the railing while Verstappen was in the lap of a pole. “

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