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Two years ago, I was asked by the Telegraph’s video team to comment on the film about the statements made at the time by Olge Gulsen and Caroline Tenson on RDL Boulevard. An update: The Nike collection included plus size sportswear and mannequins, and there was some buzz about it. On the broadcast, Olge and Caroline said they understood because it seemed strong to them that a woman with a figure like Menequin would exercise, and if so, she would not want to do it in tight sports attire.

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I liked it. Really a lot – often completely stupid and very stupid. These are not the words I used in the film, but the reactions are not false. Under the YouTube video it was, ‘It’s a shame she’s so fat, otherwise she’s good …’, ‘Fat people walk for tight dick’ and ‘Jesus, what a cow’. Well, that’s exactly what I was expecting. Not that people will have trouble finding me and sending me personal messages.

I said, ‘Shut up with that fat body.’ If I do not, the person will come and close my ‘tailgate’. Some accused me of being ‘fat and expensive’ and that if I did not lose weight I would have to come and pay for their health insurance. The moral of the story: I had to die soon. At least I can not spend any money. Very good things. Refusing to let my day be ruined, I deleted the messages without replying.


Only this time I got a very bad reaction. My DMs still have the occasional sourness, but – thankfully – not with the frequency and intensity that my colleagues Marjolin and Hester have in the case. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. What do you want to create a fake account – because they will never do it in their own name or in their profile picture – to destroy others? It is better not to accept what someone else thinks, but we all learned in kindergarten, do you say it beautifully and solve it or do you both go your own way?

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We have an annoying habit of using the phrase “freedom of speech” when saying something that offends the mind, but we don’t have to say it all. It does no good to you, and you hurt someone else, so why should you do that? If you really can not control yourself, keep the balls to post your opinion by name. Going back to the article I read this morning, tracking internet trolls is – at the moment – hard in terms of privacy. I think that may change. I do not think it’s a bad idea to identify yourself before you create a social media account. It will not stop, but I have the idea that many trolls will throw up.

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