Interpreter “held hostage” for three months at Chinese talent show | abroad

All for the convenience of Ivanov, who – despite being a part-time model – did not want to become famous at all and would actually work on the program as a translator. Because the producers were impressed by the emergence of linguistic wonder, he was drawn to the competition.

“The director noted that I spoke Mandarin fluently and they thought I looked good. They asked me if I could see something in a completely different lifestyle.” The introvert Ivanov hesitated but agreed.

This started with a month’s imprisonment. Display talent is a kind of cross between Older brother On a star From Idols Participants must not only try to please the crowd, but also sit on each other’s lips 24 hours a day on an island, cut off from the outside world and watch countless cameras. They had to turn over their phones and couldn’t ask anyone for help.

“Do not vote for me!”

Soon Evanon, who competed under the name Lelush, wanted to leave. “Dancing and singing exhausted me every day, and I quickly regretted participating.” Getting out of him could result in a hefty fine – those are the rules – and so there was no other option but to sabotage his chances. He implored live on TV “Don’t let me go to the finals, please, I’m tired.”

Singing out of tune, calls to let him go, uninterested performances; Nothing helps. It all only led to more votes. His lack of interest in social media has always led to fresh calls to vote on him again. He said, “Leave him 996!” , In reference to the infamous Chinese workweek six days a week, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

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Soon Ivanov was dubbed “the most miserable slave of all.” The Chinese liked it, and Russian bloggers called the whole thing “sad” and “ridiculous”.

In the end, Ivanov reluctantly made it to the tenth episode. On April 18, he was voted in. Ivanov says on social media that he is very happy that he has regained his freedom.

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