Invitation: Dongense Youth Council Foundation is looking for a new warehouse

Photo: Gertjan Stads/Pix4Profs

Last May, the Dongense Youth Council Foundation was unexpectedly told that they (as well as several other associations) had to leave the familiar place of Association Hall with all their subjects within two weeks.

With much luck, Autobedrijf Lion van Loon provided the foundation with a quick and temporary solution. For example, with the help of several volunteers, they were able to transport all their materials before the 60th Summer Games. “Fortunately, because without our materials organizing the Summer Games would be very difficult. But what now?” asks the Foundation.

“Unfortunately, we will have to leave the temporary place again in June. So we are urgently looking for a new warehouse where we can collect and replenish our materials for a longer period of time. Without a shed, the foundation is on the street with all its materials and our events cannot take place.”

“Do you know or know someone with a shed or 250 square meter area? Or do you have another idea to help us as an organization find a suitable warehouse? Then send an email to [email protected]. If you have any questions, you can also contact this email address. Any help welcome!

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