Invite for the Geeland Architecture Prize

MIDELBURG – CBK Geeland, in association with Jeeves Architect Platform and PCC, is hosting the Geeland Architecture Prize 2021. This prize is a reward for 2020 achievements.

The award ceremony marks the National Architecture Day. Architecture-climate is the theme in the landscape of Zealand. These terms form the basis of the judgment of the inputs. All projects are welcome.


The jury invites all architects, contractors, developers, suppliers, but the general public to let us know what you think is the most beautiful building in Zealand by April 7 last year. It may be concerned with new construction and renovation, urban development projects and landscape design.


The organizers of the competition want as many people as possible to see the value of a high-quality living environment and to see contemporary Zeland architecture as accessible, accessible and negotiable. A list is drawn from the entries, which can be voted on via the PZC website. On Friday, June 18, the day before National Architecture Day 2021, the five recommended arbitration projects will be reviewed for final judgment. Following that, a jury prize and a public prize will be awarded.


Send your candidate for the prize to Architecture @ before April 7th
Submission Criteria:

-Located in Zeeland;
Restructured in 2020;
-Building works (new and renovation);
-Urban design projects (neighborhoods and public spaces);
-Natural design (greenery and infrastructure);
– Specifying the designer and contractor (Zeland not required).

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