iOS 15 and watchOS 8: Much less space to update

New operating systems will be released this fall for all of your Apple devices and are currently being tested through beta versions. The latest iOS 15 beta reveals something amazing: you need less storage space to update. This solves a major problem, especially for Apple Watch Series 3 users.

iOS 15 and watchOS 8: Less storage space required

If you want to install iOS 15 and watchOS 8 later, you only need a maximum of 500MB of free space. That’s what Apple claims in the third and final beta release notes. This is especially good for those with limited storage space, especially those with an Apple Watch Series 3. Series 3 is the oldest Apple Watch model still on sale from Apple, but owners have been going every last year. The watchOS update is having the same problem again: Space shortage.

Basic solution for Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 has only 8GB of internal memory and when you update the message appears that you had to free up space on your watch. Apple recently acknowledged the problem, but gave an unsatisfactory advice: You should completely unplug your Apple Watch with every update. So annoying, we were advised in our buying advice to ignore the Apple Watch Series 3 if you’re still planning to buy it. Even with some older iPhones, updating has always been a stumbling block.

But in the future, only 500MB will be needed to be able to update, so the process should go smoothly again. It’s not yet clear how Apple technically managed this, but we’ll likely hear more about that soon.

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iOS 15 and watchOS 8

In early June, Apple announced major updates for all your Apple devices this fall. For an iPhone, this is iOS 15, for Apple WatchOS 8. The operating systems will likely be available in September, but you can actually try out the beta now.

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