iOS 16.5 is out! These new features are coming to your iPhone

Apple released iOS 16.5! In the latest version of iOS, a number of cool and useful functions are available on your iPhone. We tell you what’s new.

Read on after the announcement.

Apple releases iOS 16.5

Just an update! Apple has released the latest version of iOS 16.5. Previous beta builds of iOS 16.5 have already made it clear that this is a minor iOS update. However, some useful new features will be coming to your iPhone. We put them together for you

1. Screenshot with Siri

Do you often take screenshots and screen recordings? Then there is the good news, because in iOS 16.5 it will be possible to record a screen using Siri. It is already possible to take a screenshot or screenshot using Siri, but screen recording was still very much in demand of the voice assistant. That will finally change with iOS 16.5.

To take a screenshot using Siri, just say, “Hey Siri, start a screenshot.” It will then start recording your screen automatically, provided Siri is enabled of course. Screen recording can also be stopped via Siri. Very handy if your hands have been full for a while, but you still want to make a recording of your screen.

Note: These features may be rolled out gradually. So you may have to wait a little longer.

2. Pride wallpaper is available in iOS 16.5

Every year, Apple releases a new wallpaper in the Pride theme. This year is no different: Apple has now revealed the new wallpaper in all the colors of the rainbow. The Pride Edition wallpaper is coming to your iPhone in iOS 16.5.

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Of course, the Pride Edition’s back and watch face come with a matching Apple Watch band in the same colors. The Pride Edition strap is suitable for Apple Watch Series 3 or later with a size of 41mm and 45mm. The band will be available starting May 24th for $49. In the Netherlands, the band would probably cost 49 euros.

3. New features in the Apple News and Apple TV apps

In iOS 16.5, a new window has been added to the Apple News app. The new tab displays all current sports news. You’ll hardly notice this addition in the Netherlands and Belgium, because Apple News is still not available here. It is still not known if (and when) the service will arrive in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In addition, it will be possible in the Apple TV application to cast two screens at the same time if they are not in the application. Also known as picture-in-picture, this feature is now available with only one video at a time. Soon you will be able to watch two videos at the same time. Useful if, for example, two sports matches are being broadcast at the same time.

4. Minor bug fixes in the new iOS update

As with every update, there are still a number of minor bug fixes in iOS 16.5. For example, Spotlight didn’t work properly in some cases, which should be fixed in the new iOS update. The Screen Time feature also had a bug, which caused the feature to suddenly reset and not sync across all Apple devices. This has been fixed in iOS 16.5.

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In iOS 16.5, Apple is the last to fix a bug in CarPlay. In iOS 16.4, podcasts sometimes don’t play when iPhone is connected to CarPlay. The new iOS update should also fix this issue.

The latest iOS 16 update to iOS 17

iOS 16.5 is likely to be one of the last iOS 16 updates, and only iOS 16.6 will follow. This is the final version of iOS 16, because Apple will introduce iOS 17 in June. At first it seemed that iOS 17 would not be a major update due to the introduction of Apple Reality, but recent rumors contradict that. Read everything we know about iOS 17 here so far.

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