Iran is again violating the nuclear deal and hopes to put pressure on Biden

Iran again breaks with 2015 nuclear deal. On Wednesday, the country announced to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that it had begun installing equipment to produce uranium metal. The radioactive element is uranium.

Uranium is needed to produce nuclear weapons, but Iran says it wants to use the metal to make “advanced fuel”. Whether or not there are good intentions, the UN. Iran has banned uranium metal production under an agreement reached in 2015 with the Security Council and countries in the European Union. In the agreement, it was decided to lift sanctions against Iran in exchange for stricter restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program.

Not the first offense

However, President Trump withdrew the United States from the Iran deal in 2018, again subjecting the country to severe sanctions, believing that the deal would be terrible and unilateral. Since then, Iran has also gradually boycotted parts of the agreement.

The 20 percent enrichment of uranium – the biggest violation – was implemented last month by the Iranian parliament. The Hartliners introduced legislation that would force President Rohani’s government to pursue a nuclear program if European countries did not ease sanctions against Iran. Sanctions were not relaxed, so uranium was further enriched.

Increasing muscle language

In addition to such nuclear violations, Iran has also been pushing the border militarily in recent months. The South Korean tanker was released in early January Hancock Semi Detained by the Revolutionary Guards – Iran’s elite – and its crew. Not long after, the country conducted several important military exercises in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.

Revolutionary Guards intensified this muscle scene on Friday with a detailed description of Iran’s arsenal of ballistic missiles and drones. These missiles have a range of 2000 kilometers, which is enough to reach Israel or a US military base in the region. While Iran is unlikely to risk such a bold attack, with such a presidential theater, Tehran wants to ensure that it remains high on the list of future President Biden’s priorities.

Iran, which is in a severe economic crisis, is keen to find a way to the negotiating table with the new president soon, according to Daryl Kimball, director of the Arms Control Advocacy Committee. “They know Biden will be walking around the White House next week and they want him to do something soon to lift the nuclear-related sanctions,” Kimball told the Andhra News Agency. “They’re looking for ways to show that they’re really impatient.”

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