Is Bram Dawes really annoying? Here’s what De Smartest Mens jury member Martin van Rossem thinks of the finalist from Groningen

PowNed presenter Bram Dawes received few negative reactions during his participation in the De Slimste Mens TV competition. Jury member Martin van Rossum reveals in his podcast what he actually thought of the Groningen participant.

“I didn’t find him annoying at all. I thought he was a lively boy and he played well,” Van Rossum told presenter Tom Jessen.

He continues, “You often have to wait and see how it develops with new participants. People have to get used to other people, especially if they are being a bit frank.”

“People like to get upset”

“He was talking very loudly,” Van Rossum said. Well, it didn’t bother me at all. Jassen explains: “He is very satisfied with himself, and that is also said. If you are not satisfied with yourself, it is better not to participate in De Slimste Mens,” answers Van Rossem.

Van Rossem has his own interpretation of how much negative tweets and Facebook comments the Douwes have to put up with. “It’s so wonderful that so many people are upset: the awfulness of these douches.”

“You don’t have to look”

The jury member also has a tip: “You don’t have to look at all. No one is forcing you to look. I won’t call you at the front door to tell you to look.”

“We live in a free country. Nobody should watch TV. Indeed: I have a tip for you, if you have to go through the world rationally, get rid of the TV.”

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July 30, 2021, 7:43 pm

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