Is Call of Duty Warzone broken or shouldn’t players complain like that?

When we talk about Warzone, we can confidently talk about a huge success story. Millions of players still play the game daily. And this success does not appear to diminish anytime soon. However, not everything is perfect, at least this is what many players write on the forums and on social media. Some even say the war zone is “broken”. Is this true? JJ asks die-hard Warzone players Boris and Dan to look into all complaints and determine if they have a point here, or are just raving …

Cheaters … are excessive cheaters

Nobody likes to be involved in a nice game from Warzone where they are suddenly killed by a wall by someone on the other side of the map. You will immediately know what happened. You are a victim of a cheater. Unfortunately, these suckers are currently present in nearly every multiplayer game launched. And they spoil the fun of many. Does the game have a good anti-cheat system? In what ways were these cheaters involved? Boris and Dane have clear thoughts on this topic. Also what should be done about these cheaters and how Activision can prevent it.

Is it really a war zone shattered?

While Warzone is generally seen as (more than) a good game, this has changed somewhat since the game was combined with Call of Duty: Cold War Black Ops. Since then, some have questioned whether the game is as good as before. Bugs and glitches, OP weapons, ruin a lot of fun for them. But what do Dan and Boris think about this? They tell you that on this item. Do you think Warzone is broken? Let us know in the comments.

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