Is he a “bystander” or is he really involved? “

Friday Jan 15, 2021 at 5:24 pm• Dominic Mostert • Last updated: 17:31

Concludes that Myron Boadu is “ not the silver-like shadow of the scorer that was last season ” The Telegraph Friday. The Arizona striker scored an average goal every 101 minutes last season, with fourteen goals and six assists. This year, he scored only four times, providing no assists, thus participating in all 271 goals on average. His coach Pascal Janssen knows there is room for improvement.

One area in which a twenty-year-old striker could improve, according to Jansen, is the touch of the ball. Boadu still argued a lot with the ball; He called his assumptions in small space “unworthy of the international” before The Telegraph. “It’s expanding now. But I suppose I’ve seen enough situations on the training ground where I have shown that he can also handle small spaces well,” says Janssen in the lead up to the home game against ADO Den Haag on Saturday night.

Jansen ensures that daily assumptions training is performed. “These are movements that happen in every training session. Myron should prepare well in the run-up to touching the ball. He must scan his surroundings and make sure he really has the solution in his head: does he take the ball or play it? Again: every training is back,” the coach confirms , Which confirms that there is no ignorance. “Oh no, Myron is okay, he has an ‘assumption.’

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“But it is important that he does a better job again in small spaces. It’s in preparation for acceptance, not in technology,” Janssen adds. “It’s about how he prepares for the situations. Is he a” spectator “, or is he really involved in those moments and ready to do something? Whether it is about ease, I dare not say. Players experience matches as they try it.”

Boadu is the number one striker for AZ, but he maintains competition from Albert Gudmundsson for now. Now that Ferdy Druijf has been leased to KV Mechelen, Gudmundsson is not permitted to leave Alkmaar under any circumstances. “Yeah, Appie He should stay, but that was actually the whole story, “says Jansen. Hopefully, however, Boadu will still fit.” Goodmondson has shown that he is also capable of taking his stand at the point of attack. This is one of our options. We will work to solve it if something unexpected happens to Myron. “

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