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The quarrel arose under the Instagram photo of Monique Westenberg, the ex-Andre. His sister Roxanne replied with “Congratulations” under the picture of Monique’s birthday dog. Rachel reacted less positively, severely criticizing her daughter: “Shame on you.”


Rachel’s comment gives All of Holland a glimpse into the state of the family dispute. Some ask why this should be “combated” through social media. It’s usually easiest to give a strong comment online; After all, you really don’t have to confront someone. But the consequences of such a public comment could be greater. When everyone can read and engage in an online discussion, the hit may be bigger.

The WhatsApp

Not only does social media communication guarantee a large audience, but it is also difficult to interpret a reaction without actually speaking to someone. Also on WhatsApp, a message can be received louder and differently than intended, making the fight even worse. Calling to discuss something that offers a solution, but that doesn’t always happen anymore.

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