Is Netflix Basic Subscription Going To End Soon?

There are indications that Netflix is ​​planning to cancel its cheapest basic plan. It will be replaced by something called “Basic with Ads”. This is cheaper, but it does show you commercials occasionally between programs.

Netflix is ​​currently in Belgium Three subscription formats. You can choose Basic (€8.99 per month), Standard (€13.49 per month), or Premium (€17.99 per month).

Basic with ads

In addition, since November 3, 2022, there is also a cheaper formula called “Basic with adsWhich costs about 6.99 dollars (about 6.5 euros). This new subscription is currently only available in twelve countries. These are Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, United States and South Korea. The intention is to expand this to more countries at a later date, although it is not yet known when that will be. With “Basic with Ads” you get the normal basic subscription picture quality (720p/HD), but you’ll see about 4 to 5 minutes of ads per hour. In addition, there are also temporary Some series are not available Because of licensing issues.

Users have noticed something interesting in those 12 countries that can actually choose “Primary with ads”. Brazilian site Technoblog She notes that the regular basic subscription option is more straightforward if you want to opt for a subscription with Netflix. Only if you click on “See all subscriptions” this option will be available.

Does the primary disappear?

It is currently not clear why Netflix hides the regular basic on their website. The streaming service may want to push users to a “basic with ads” option or to a more expensive subscription. It was recently leaked that the Attention to engage with ads Currently below expectations.

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However, there is also the possibility that Netflix plans to make the basic option disappear entirely in the future. However, it will only happen after Basic with Ads is rolled out in all countries where Netflix is ​​available.

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