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Guest writersI am a Dutchman from Nijverdal who has lived for many years as a student in Svol, and from time to time I think of my time (often wearing pink student glasses) and wondering if it would be a good idea to go back occasionally. Having lived in the UK since 1997 I am at least well established.

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Brexit and the current UK government make this very attractive, but now the Govt-19 vaccines are going smoothly, and I have injected my second in my forties, knowing that the region is lagging behind, this time I am glad I am here.


The locking period had good and bad sides, which unfortunately started with layoffs because working with long closed borders in the travel world is frustrating. I understood self-employment. After nearly twenty years of full-time work, Locking was my favorite in the garden and my 3-year-old son enjoyed it, catching up on what I missed in his first two years.

Exciting than ever

I gradually began to regain my creativity and began to rewrite and design. I started a Redbull store and expanded my Amazon T-shirts with mostly Dutch-inspired designs under the nickname AHM Designs, The Piece Tees. I saw real stores closing and companies going under. I saw people who were emotionally very distressed. I find people interacting in different ways, mostly on video calls and on social media.

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Breast Cancer

There was more reading, and I started a Facebook group; Dutch Books People around the world can chat or exchange Dutch language books. Now I’m more excited than ever, and sometimes I wonder where the time is.

Today everything comes to a standstill because a news came that one of my best friend from the area had breast cancer. We have been great friends since we were born. From here, I can stay as close to her as I want. Last year you taught me that it is important to enjoy the time you have and give your time to the people you love.

Annette Meijer, 45, lives in a beautiful English village near Worcester with her boyfriend, son and two-year-old cat.


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