Is Rockstar claiming an impressive patent for GTA VI?

We can increasingly notice that 2021 is gaining momentum. More big and interesting news appear every day. Luckily, she’s been cute too in recent days. Thus, this edition of GK Journaal contains a number of pleasant, interesting and worthy news. For example, JJ will talk about a newly pending patent from Rockstar for potential GTA VI, new project from Sony San Diego, STALKER 2, Game Pass, Resident Evil Village and more. Time to get today’s best news. Let’s press the play button.

Take-Two takes a new step for open-world gaming (GTA VI?)

One of the most important things about an open world game is the NPCs. In other words, non-playable characters. In an open world game, the world is supposed to feel alive, and non-playable characters play a huge role in it. Overall, many open world games make a good effort to simulate their world with the greatest possible clarity. But important steps can still be taken. And now the closest studio to a real city is Rockstar. They seem to want to take another step forward in liveliness and realism with their NPCs. Take-Two has filed for a patent on behalf of Rockstar for a system that should provide a virtual world not limited to hardware and software. Why would they use that?

New Uncharted?

Over the past few years, Sony has released several high-quality first-party games. And with Horizon Forbidden West and Thor Ragnarok, they don’t seem to be stopping to do so at the moment. Sony San Diego is also working on a game. This should be a game in a franchise that already exists. It has long been speculated that this is a new game in Anonymous Franchise. A new introduction seems to confirm this. JJ brings that and more on GK Journaal today.

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