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In BNXT League Elite Gold, one match is more exciting than the next. However, this transnational phase of the basketball season does not last long and the most important European tickets are handed out in the national qualifiers. Is it time for a different look?

Kevin Verholst

I am glad that the Dutch and Belgian clubs are competing against each other. I seriously wonder if the current format is any good. Elite Gold gets attention from the fans and the media, but when I watch matches in Elite Silver, almost no one is. I’m sorry. We need all clubs.

I am for all the clubs from Holland and Belgium to play against each other, once at home and once abroad. That competition should start as early as October. After that there should be play-offs for the Belgian and Dutch clubs. That should definitely be possible. You can then cancel the National Championships.

I know there will be opposition to the idea, but I personally wouldn’t have a problem with it.”

Belgium’s Kevin Verholst is Donnar’s assistant coach.

Bass Caminga

“The current format has been decided for three seasons. It is important not to make major changes in between. Recognition is very important for the success of the project. Any changes should therefore only be implemented in the summer of 2024.

I wish first and second divisions had been introduced, with clubs relegated from it and up midway through the season. As a result, you get exciting duels throughout the year. The question is whether clubs like Apollo or BAL are waiting for it, because it is also important for them to play against the big clubs.

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It will take some time until European tickets can finally be won in the BNXT League. It’s not far away yet. This has to do with all kinds of legal issues.”

Bas Kammenga is the former president of the Donar Supporters Association and broadcasts Dourisseau Radio to his supporters.

Bob Van Oosterhout

,,if Member of the Board of Directors From the BNXT league I’m a bit of a colorist. Last year, it took some getting used to, but now many basketball fans understand it better. Step by step we need to improve coordination. One of the starting points was that as many matches as possible should matter. This is the situation. The competitions in Elite Gold are very exciting and the difference in level in Elite Silver is slightly less than last year.

Commercially, you should be more successful and I want to commit myself to that. Cooperation between Belgian and Dutch clubs should also be improved and there should be no difference between refereeing in both countries. We’ll have to make sure that the BNXT address grows in value step by step. This also includes a serious European ticket. Behind the scenes there’s really a lot of pressure for that.”

Bob van Oosterhout is the president of the Heroes Den Bosch basketball club.

William Brandwick

,, It’s very hard to say something about that as a donar player. We’ve been playing in the gold elite for two years in a row. That’s great for us, but the difference between gold and silver is huge. The Belgian teams for the silver were not challenged. This year, teams that qualified for the Silver Elite sometimes saw three or four players leave. These teams will eventually turn against this system.

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I think in the long term we have to say goodbye to the gold and silver and you have to move to a system where all the clubs meet. Although this will also be difficult, because you have to travel more and sometimes book a hotel. I can’t look into the club’s wallets, but for some that will be difficult.’

Willem Brandwick plays with Donnar.

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