Is there life on Pluto? “There is no place in the universe you cannot go.”

In 1980, space travel was overshadowed by the race between the Soviet Union and the United States. It is a temporary period. After the 1960s, after Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon, people dream of what else might be discovered.

Space travel in the 1980s

In the 1980s, the competition with people turned into a competition for knowledge. The use of astronomical instruments in space, for example, is increasing. “That was starting to take shape and it was a great time for that,” says Vincent Icke. He lived in America in the 1980s and witnessed the developments in space travel up close.

the number Belgium van Het Goede Doel came out in 1982, also arriving in Minnesota where Icke worked as a junior professor. Because the figure is now 40 years old, searches BV News Whether the text is still correct. And with the questions in the chorus, Icke has an answer for that.

Is there life on Pluto?

About “Is There Life on Pluto?” Vincent Icke can be brief: there is no. “Let’s put it this way,” the astrophysicist said, “the probability of life on Pluto is slim.”

Can You Dance on the Moon “This is going well, because gravity is much smaller than it is on Earth,” explains Ike. When asked if he ever danced on the moon himself, he said, “I guess I’ll do some jumps, but to call it a dance…”

A place among the stars

To the question “Is there somewhere among the stars I can go?” The easy answer is: yes. Ikki explains that there is no place in the universe where you are Not You could say, “The funny thing is, we know from the theory of relativity that you can basically go anywhere in the universe you want. As long as you get close enough to the speed of light.”

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Icke: “Imagine, I go with a rocket to the center of our galaxy, which is a distance of 24 thousand light years. When I return to Earth, I will be, say, 15 years older. But on Earth I will have 48 thousand years have passed by then. So if I leave with a relativistic rocket , You must immediately say goodbye to your loved ones, because you will never see them again.

“There is no place in the universe you cannot go.”

Looking at the chorus in this way, Het Goede Doel’s text takes on a philosophical charge. “I think the whole song has an emotional and philosophical charge. It’s a mixture of feeling sad and hopeless,” says Ike.

However, it also appears to be a positive thing for the astrophysicist. “Physics basically allows us to go anywhere in the universe. That’s cool.” Moreover, we already have a place among the stars, says Ike: “Our Earth is already a planet orbiting a star in our galaxy, all this is already there. We are already among the stars, we don’t have to go anywhere, we are already there.

Icke’s words would change to “There is no life on Pluto, but you can dance on the moon. There’s no place in the universe you can’t go.”

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