Israel: A Greek tanker was not involved in an environmental disaster | Abroad

Earlier this month, tar was washed away on the beaches between the Gaza Strip and Lebanon. It is related to a coastline of about 160 kilometers. An Israeli team conducted a “thorough investigation” on board the Greek oil tanker, but was unable to find anything. The owner of Minerva Helen had already stressed that he had nothing to do with the situation in Israel.

The Israeli Minister of Environment immediately announced that the search for the culprits will continue. “We are doing everything we can to find the criminal.” The ship or tanker responsible for the environmental disaster may have been about 50 kilometers off the coast on February 11th.

Authorities first identified around 10 ships that may have been involved, but they have now expanded this list significantly. In cooperation with European organizations, Israel also wants to look at satellite images to identify the vessel that leaked the oil and tar from. According to Environment Minister Gila Gamliel, there is “a more than reasonable opportunity to locate the specific vessel on the map.”

Thousands of volunteers and soldiers are busy cleaning the beaches and trying to save the animals. According to environmental organizations, it can take years to clean everything.

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