It costs some money and some space, but then you watch the tour outside, in the rain

Terrace, outdoor TV.Samsung picture

The gadget desk watched the disastrous European Championship match in the Netherlands against the regular Czech Republic with the entire neighborhood outside on a brand new Samsung device. For the occasion, the manufacturer directed the TV into the yard along with a giant green grass platform it was installed on, but usually this is a stand-alone device in front of (or in) an existing wall.

The device is suitable Porch It is called as an outdoor TV that is resistant to the sun, rain and dirt. This is immediately obvious at first glance because The Terrace looks like a fifteen-year-old device due to its thickness. This thickness is necessary to make the device waterproof. It shouldn’t spoil the fun.

Samsung has paid a lot of attention to image quality. After all, even under difficult conditions (the sun), the viewer should be able to enjoy a clear picture. Thus, the QLED TV has a high brightness of 2000 nits and a special anti-reflective coating. This all contributes to viewing comfort, but anyone expecting the same experience that occurs indoors in optimal conditions will be disappointed. Especially if you sit in front of it crooked, the picture is not so great in bright sunlight.

For the rest, it’s a smart TV like any other Samsung TV, with a clear menu from which to access apps like Netflix. Dutch apps like NPO Start or Ziggo aren’t included by default yet, but you can sort that out in no time.

For an outdoor experience, you have to pull your wallet. The terrace not only has a 4K picture, but also costs 4K. This is the smallest 55-inch variant. The largest 75 inches should bring in at least 6,500 euros. And actually you’re not there yet, because the additional speakers are also nice outdoors. Samsung also has an external variant on the shelves. That’s another 1,000 euros. But then you can watch the Tour de France in the rain.

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With The Terrace, Samsung is entering a whole new, but potentially small sector: the affluent consumer who also owns a big garden. Or you should always invite the neighborhood to keep it warm.

Samsung Ultra 55 inches – 4.000 euros.

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