It is already criticizing the “Lord of the Rings” series Amazon Prime Video

The Lord of the Rings series isn’t available yet, but there are comments already.

Actor Ludi Lin isn’t too happy with Lord of the ringsAmazon Prime Video Series. He feels that the series’ crew is not diverse enough.

a series Lord of the rings It was announced in 2017 and will run for several seasons. The series is set before the events The HobbitAnd he appears in the news frequently. This is while there have been no trailers and the release date is not yet known.

Not diverse enough
Much of the coverage focuses on the big budget Lord of the rings Obtains. This is said to amount to nearly half a billion dollars, which is essential, according to Amazon, to be able to compelling the Middle Earth world.

Lin retweeted it, with a side note: It is difficult to justify building a ‘gigantic world’ without Asian-seeming personalities..

More than thirty cast members have already been announced Lord of the rings Almost all of the cast members are white. A wrenching choice for Amazon, given current discussions of diversity.

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