It is believed that those who criticize the World Cup are racists in Qatar

DrOh news We, as a free Western media, do not take it seriously. After all, it is an official news channel in a country without press freedom. I’ve found it helpful to watch it regularly over the past few weeks. That was a bit of self-flagellation.

Doha news Bring funny news anyway. It turns out that two official World Cup balls have been launched into space! They were first shipped from Doha to Cape Canaveral and boarded a Qatar Airways Falcon 9 rocket and SpaceX, Elon Musk’s toy. The balls traveled more than 1,300 kilometers in space and reached a maximum speed of 8,272 kilometers per hour!

But late Doha news See in particular how, as a propaganda tactic, it fuels feelings in Qatar about criticism from the West. The common denominator: all of this is racism.

Islamic country

Moroccan players fell victim to it “because of their support for Palestine and their pride in their Islamic faith,” so I read. The proof: German news channel Welt showed a picture showing three Moroccan players looking into the lens with their index finger. According to Willett, that was a gesture by Islamic State extremists.

This is a normal gesture for the billions of Muslims around the world who glorify God through the concept of Islam Monotheismor unity, ”Doha News. And then: “Social media users were quick to denounce the brutal racism against Moroccans.” Germany-based journalist Heba Jamal is “fascinated by the extent of German racism in the coverage of the World Cup.”

Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker also suffered Doha news. This week, the former footballer and BBC TV analyst said, to put things in perspective, that the World Cup will be in America, Canada and Mexico in four years. Lineker: “America is clearly a very racist country.”

can there Doha news something with her. Because the BBC’s coverage of the World Cup, according to the website, is “extremely racist”. Lineker’s critical monologue on opening day was typical of “white Western European hypocrisy”.

Didn’t Lineker say in 2018 that the UK itself was too ‘rotten’ to say anything negative about the World Cup in Russia? Of course it comes Doha news It regularly ignores the fact that the UK depends in part on Qatar for gas and that Germany has just signed a new fifteen-year contract.

They have an impact, these types of news sites. I heard the same accusations from proud Qataris on the street. An Indonesian football journalist, with whom I got into conversation over his Feyenoord jersey, said: “You are very important because he is now being held in Asia. There is something racist about that.” There you are, with your good manners.

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