It is not yet clear whether Google Analytics will continue to be used in the Netherlands Now

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP), the privacy watchdog’s investigation, has now completed its investigation, but an AP spokesman told that a decision would be made “in the course of this year”.

For example, with Google Analytics, web owners can see the number of visitors. The software also provides insight into how visitors came to the sites.

Google Analytics may not comply with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). An Austrian controller previously decided that the software did not comply with the rules. The program transmits personal data, IP addresses, etc. of Austrian users to Google in the United States.

In France, the opinion of the CNIL regulator is the same. A French webmaster has been given a month to comply with the law or stop using Google Analytics altogether.

Since the beginning of this year, the Dutch Data Protection Commission has been investigating two websites of Dutch providers using Google Analytics. It is not known which websites are involved. The investigation is over and a report has been prepared.

The controller has not yet made any decision. “The results are with the AP’s enforcement department,” a spokesman said. “That department will monitor the investigation and give the responding websites and Google a chance to respond. Enforcement will then decide on any sanctions, but say nothing about it very soon.”

The potential barrier has major consequences

“Note: Use of Google Analytics may soon be banned,” writes the AP Online Guide. If that really happened then it would have a huge impact on Dutch websites like internet stores. “Almost all websites and websites use the free tool Google Analytics to analyze the traffic on their website,” says Marlene Denham, director of the WebShop Association

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With Google Analytics data, WebShops can improve customer experiences, among other things, says Denham. Prohibition means that online stores as a whole do not comply with the law. This means they run the risk of incurring higher fines.

Administrators can stop data sharing with VS.

Google a Web site Companies are protected by claiming that the data they collect and how it is processed is determined. Data will be sent to US servers by default, but Analytics users can skip it.

The French privacy watchdog has taken steps to better control Google Analytics data sharing, but it is not enough to prevent access to US intelligence agencies.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The regulator says it will discuss the matter with the European Data Protection Board, a body of European privacy regulators.

“Let’s see how others do it, because it’s a shame to rediscover the wheel on your own,” an AP spokesman said. “But of course we have to deal with national law as well.”

According to the director of, new agreements between Europe and the United States are urgently needed to solve the problem of data sharing between continents. The personal data of Europeans known as the Privacy Shield was protected, but it was declared invalid in 2020. New appointments are coming. “Google fixing its services and not exchanging data with the United States is another solution,” says Denham.

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