It seems that the conservative majority in the US Supreme Court wants to limit abortion rights

Clashes between pro- and anti-abortion protesters outside the US Supreme Court for a hearing Wednesday on a law restricting abortion in Mississippi.Reuters photo

The Biden administration also believes that the law is against Raw vs. Wade, the decision in which the court upheld the right to an abortion in 1973. According to the Ministry of Justice, this also does not correspond to a later ruling in which the court asserted that a woman could choose to have an abortion until the fetus was viable (usually 23 to 24 weeks).

Mississippi wants court Raw vs. Wade Backtracking, jeopardizing the right to abortion across the United States. It is not yet clear whether the judges will go that far. A final ruling is not expected until June next year.

The judges’ questions suggest that a majority may give the go-ahead to limit the time limit, as is the case in Mississippi law. Since President Trump has been given the opportunity to appoint three new justices, the conservative wing has enjoyed a large majority on the court, at a rate of six to three.

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As a general rule, judges follow the principle of adhering to previous rulings, especially when it comes to sweeping rulings such as Raw vs. Wade. However, the most conservative members of the Court, Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas, do not hide the fact that they believe that the Court should not follow this rule because they Raw vs. Wade They thought it was an obvious verbal error.

Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Connie Barrett, both appointed to court by Trump, have also hinted that they Raw vs. Wade not considered sacred. “There are circumstances in which a ruling can be overturned,” Barrett said.

Kavanaugh seems to understand Mississippi’s reasoning that the right to abortion is not enshrined in the US Constitution and that abortion is a matter for states to decide. He asked, “Why should the Supreme Court rule on this, instead of Congress, and the states, and the people solving it?”

Proponents of the right to abortion fear that a situation may arise in which abortion is allowed in one country and not allowed in another, depending on the political climate. “This is an assault on a woman’s right to make decisions about her health. It scares me that politicians will decide for me,” Democratic Senator Patty Murray said of the attempt. Raw vs. Wade To help soap. Indeed, many states that Republicans demand, have all kinds of procedures that make it difficult for women to have an abortion.

The court’s reputation is on the line

Liberal justices have warned of damage to the court’s prestige if a majority gives the green light to Mississippi’s abortion law. Trust in the Supreme Court has fallen dramatically in recent years, according to opinion polls. According to Sonia Sotomayor, things will only get worse if the court, after the conservatives won a majority, starts manipulating the right to abortion.

With that, the liberal wing was clearly targeting conservative Chief Justice John Roberts, who has become increasingly concerned about the court’s reputation as an impartial arbitrator, particularly since the hotly contested nomination of Trump’s candidates. Seems to be looking for a workaround: Raw vs. Wade However, restrictions are allowed as under Mississippi law.

Roberts questioned the relationship of the feasibility criterion to women’s freedom of choice Raw vs. Wade Based on. “Why isn’t 15 weeks enough?” he asked. According to him, this would give women enough time to make a decision for themselves.

It is not yet certain whether Roberts will join his conservative colleagues. In any case, it would be a very politically sensitive statement: Congressional elections will follow in a few months. Abortion will then undoubtedly become one of the most important topics for both Republicans and Democrats to attract their supporters to the polls.

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