“It was fair to them.”

Christian Horner thoroughly enjoyed Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing during Sunday’s Dutch Grand Prix. Austrian racing stable chief Lewis Hamilton always saw excellent tackles, so there was no danger in the finish. Horner

“A race like this is never easy. The most important thing is to keep the lead at the start. We knew the strategic choices that Mercedes had. They would both start with a different plan and they did.”Horner said after the Grand Prix.

Decisive Bottas overtake

What is the most important moment of the afternoon for Verstappen? “The most important part was passing Valtteri and he did it quickly‘,” says the CEO of regaining the lead in the game. “Then we were able to keep Lewis behind. But our main concern was for Bottas to stop us so that Hamilton could undermine the road.”

The pit lane at Zandvoort is very narrow, but Mercedes provided some help for Red Bull. “The entry is very short, but it was only fair to Mercedes that they removed the hoses so we could get to the pit box with our cars.”‘, says Horner in Sky Sports About the pit crew for the great contender in both world championships.

Perez’s performance is excellent

Sergio Perez’s performance was also briefly discussed. The Mexican finished eighth. “He had a great race today. He had to go early for safety reasons, he struggled with a completely flat spot. But that’s good for his confidence after a tough Saturday, they are important points for the team.”

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