It was: “Then Anthony will have a very unpleasant afternoon”

Mario Ben is looking forward to the Feyenoord match against Ajax. Analyzer ESPN Expect Rotterdam to put a lot of pressure on the opponent right away. The duels between Terrell Malacia and Anthony will be followed with great interest. The Feyenoord defender is known to be a strong lead in the duels between the best players, but he has to be careful.

“It will be crucial again today that Malacia doesn’t commit the first questionable offense against Anthony too soon, because then you can’t take anything for the whole game,” says Baines. The last match he got a red card. Taking a yellow card twice I think if Malacia is able to make Anthony too short on hire right from the start, Anthony will have a very bad afternoon against him, but it shouldn’t be against a stupid yellow card that makes you feel bad for the rest of the game.”

Hans Kray Jr. also expects Malacia will not give the Brazilian a meter in De Koep. “I have the impression Malacia will keep Anthony very short, just like Owen Wijndal,” said the former soccer player, who has criticized the Feyenoord player in the past. He’s fast, he’s got a good cross, he’s aggressive. “

“I thought, decreasing a little bit, that he got into trouble often, that Malacia played wide often and that somebody was in the middle. I also thought he often played on the wing position. And you don’t. I see that with several linebackers, I thought he could play a little simpler and Arnie Slot sat down with him and said, “You have a lot of qualities and you’re very good, but make it a little simpler. Turn around and pass the first ball forward and over it. Because after that he is a potential player in the Dutch national team.”

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