Italian President rejects Prime Minister Draghi’s resignation | Abroad

Draghi will speak before the House of Representatives next Wednesday. Everything indicates that Draghi will no longer rule. He himself said during a cabinet meeting on Thursday evening that his government no longer enjoyed a majority in parliament. Draghi has always said he does not want a new parliamentary majority.

Prime Minister Draghi and the Five Star Movement, led by former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, have been at odds for a long time. There are many issues that come into play, such as the often criticized and sometimes abused basic income of the poor, a hobby mare of the Five Star Movement that fears being humiliated.

During a vote in the Senate where the Five Star Movement abstained, the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, will be given additional powers to tackle his city’s garbage problem. This is partly due to the creation of waste incineration plants, which the Five Star Movement is radically opposed to.

Draghi has been the prime minister since February 13 last year. He previously gained international fame as Governor of the European Central Bank. As Prime Minister of Italy, his main task was to manage billions of euros from the European Recovery Fund. It is not yet clear whether early elections will be held. This could have happened next year.

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