Italian President rejects Prime Minister Draghi’s resignation | Abroad

A statement from Mattarella’s office said the president wanted Draghi to turn to parliament to get a clear picture of the political situation. It may then become clear whether there is still a majority that should continue.

Riders can organize a new vote to get support from all alliance partners. He may also try to form a new coalition. Otherwise, elections are likely this fall. It was due next year.

Draghi’s government won confidence in Parliament earlier in the day, but the coalition party Five Star Movement refused to participate. Draghi had said in advance that he would not lead a government without the support of the Five Star Movement, which until recently was the largest party in parliament.

“The National Unity Alliance that supported this government no longer exists,” he said. Draghi made it clear that the conditions and confidence to continue the coalition government no longer exist.

The vote included a multibillion-dollar package that would make higher energy prices and inflation more bearable for the population. The Five Star Movement of former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said the plan was insufficient, adding that the party did not care about trust in the government.

Draghi, the former head of the European Central Bank, took office last February, and is Italy’s sixth prime minister in ten years.

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