It’s a frustrating season, but there’s still something to enjoy in Tachos: “We knew it was going to be a tough season” | sports

There are hardly any moments of euphoria in RED-RAG/Tachos this season. Handball players from Waalwijk play at the highest level against the best teams from Holland and Belgium and hardly win. “It’s great that we can compete with these kinds of teams.”

It must be a frustrating season for someone who just can’t afford to lose. In the BENE-League, the Tachos have lost 20 of their 22 matches and in the HandbalNL-League, six losses followed in the most matches. Last Saturday the leader Kembit-Lions / Sittardia was very strong 37-25. However, the Tachos Joost Rombouts captain enjoys playing at the highest level. “This is more difficult than last season in the Premier League. Not every club wants to promote, because there is something involved in it both sporting and financially. We as players wanted to.”

to be surprised

Tachos trains less than opponents, but believes he can fight back after a good preparation. This did not go well. I lost my first two matches by more than twenty goals. “That was a bit scary. Then we looked into each other’s eyes and said, ‘This has to change.’ You can’t relax, because the opponents punish everything. This is very different from last year in the Premier League.”

Two wins over Atomix provided a moment of euphoria, but all other competition matches were forfeited. The 26-year-old doesn’t notice any improvement. “We got stronger mentally from all those defeats. The players also got stronger physically individually. It’s not just more collection, but also more distribution. And as a team we are there for each other through thick and thin.”

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We knew it was going to be a tough season and we scored sub goals

Ghost Roombots

At the beginning of the season, the captain was very disappointed by the defeat. “As an athlete you want to win. We knew it was going to be a difficult season and we set sub-goals, such as: the opponent can score as many goals as possible or we must score at least that many. Combined with a good game we can still feel good.”

The feeling is turning

The Rombouts came home feeling increasingly better during the season. “Of course it’s frustrating sometimes. In the dressing room I’m still really disappointed and not happy, but I can also put it in perspective and look at what’s been improved. We’re playing better than we were in the beginning.” Although this also ensures that his feeling starts to change again after defeat. We play well and then you want more. It’s hard to accept losing.”

Last season, almost everything was won and almost winning was a matter of course. “Now the joy after winning is much greater.” Until the next win, the captain takes his moment of joy elsewhere. “PR during strength training, a game my girlfriend won or my teammates beat during paddle board, now provides a moment of euphoria.”

Despite being tough, Tachos wants to keep playing at this level. Post-competition enforcement can be guaranteed. “We feel like we’re getting close.” To prove it, the team wants to beat the best Dutch team at the highest level.

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