“It’s always nice when the best wins”

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  • Louis Decker

    Formula 1 reporter

  • Louis Decker

    Formula 1 reporter

In a world that revolves primarily around Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton, Ghost Capito isn’t often in the headlines. Except during the previous Grand Prix in Italy.

Racing team captain Williams had to improvise on qualifying day, when his driver Alex Albon had to go under the knife.

golden handle

Capito (63) called the Mercedes hotline and obtained permission to borrow reserve driver Nick de Vries. Golden handle. De Vries drove a clear race at Monza, finished ninth and scored points on his F1 debut.

If Albon isn’t fit enough on a Singapore weekend, Capito will once again call up the 27-year-old Friesian.

Despite De Vries’ success, Williams is still the bearer of the Red Lantern. Under Capito’s leadership, the team is recovering from disastrous seasons and financial difficulties.

New cars will be driving in Formula 1 this year, based on a sweeping rule change. This will lead to more tension, skip maneuvers, and less predictable results. Then Max Verstappen won eleven of his sixteen GPs. what happened?

“The fans also want the best driver to win. Compare that with the Olympics. For many, the 100m is the favorite title fight, even if they already know who will win. Wouldn’t you ask your favorite 110m athlete or run through the grass? Punishing the best on the field?” end of discussion.”

The new regulations will also allow all teams to win races. Practically speaking, it’s all about racing Red Bull vs Ferrari.

“However, the actions have an impact. Drivers can follow each other better with the new cars. Overtaking maneuvers are easier. Those impressive races that Verstappen overtaken in Spa and Hungary would have been impossible with his old car.”

professional shots

Just Capito flirting with George Russell Mercedes

“I don’t think a team like Williams will suddenly win races in the coming years. We still have a long way to go to finish the podium. It could take another five or ten years. I expect that the budget cap that has been introduced will only provide the balance in a few years.”

“It seemed good that everyone could spend the same amount, but when everything was still allowed, the big teams invested so much money that their progress is massive. To fill that gap, we actually have to spend millions more of them. It’s not possible. And that’s allowed. No. So it will take some time before there are truly equal opportunities.”

So if de Vries wants to win races, shouldn’t he sign with you?

“Exactly. That’s as true as a bus, hahaha.”

But he appears in the picture as a replacement for Nicholas Latifi, who will leave after this season. Does the De Vries race in Italy influence your decision?

“No, we’re good friends and we’ll stay that way. I know exactly what’s in store for me. Nick did what I expected at Monza. Don’t underestimate it: first time in a Formula 1 car with full tank of fuel. Starting from the front of the midfield. The frenetic speed on The grid. Starting actions. Scramble in the first turns. Find the perfect braking points. Don’t lose your place. Just keep going.”


Just Capito to race at Monza with Nick de Vries

“It was a special moment, but I knew he could do it. I have a lot of experience guiding racing drivers. Then you feel if someone is ready. Or not. You look in the eye and see self-confidence. Or not..”

You said after the race in Italy that De Vries deserves a permanent place in Formula 1. Why not just give him his Spectral cockpit?

“It is not that simple. We train young drivers and we have to see if and when juniors can be promoted. Such a decision is very complicated, but it is not one that is primarily about money. For us, a driver’s talent is more important than the millions he brings in.” .

Williams is owned by the American investment firm Dorilton. Is an American driver, like your talent in Formula 2 Logan Sargeant, the logical choice?

“There is already a lot to be said about getting an American driver in Formula 1. And the sport is growing very fast in the United States. And that makes sense. It’s the missing link: an American is making a name for himself in Formula 1. But then, ‘a driver like that has to perform Good performance and that has been missing in the past. There are many examples of this. F1 is a very different game from IndyCars and NASCAR.”

“We pay attention and do everything we can to make sure that we stick to the maximum imposed. You have to play the game with integrity, In the spirit of sports. This means that we cannot afford everything. We can’t get rid of every penny.”

“You have to build a margin. Expensive accidents can always happen in the last races. It takes a lot from our finance department, but all the teams have agreed to these rules. Then you have to stick to them.”

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