It’s brief: Élite Season 4 can be watched soon on Netflix

Via a message on Twitter, Netflix lets you know that the recordings are already over. The message reads, “Enjoy these photos so we can show what the cast worked hard on.”

Not much is known about the fourth season yet, but after last season there are still many questions that can be answered. There’s also no official date yet, but it will be next year anyway. The first season was released in October 2018, the second season was released in September 2019 and the third season was released last March.

Earlier, it became clear that we were going to say goodbye to a large portion of the cast in Season 4. Mina Al-Hamani (Nadia), Dana Paola Lucrezia (Lu), Esther Exposito (Carla), Alvaro Rico (Polo) and Jorge Lopez (Valerio) will not return next season.

But not all Las Encinas students finish their third season with a degree. Aaron Piper (Under), Georgina Amoros (Kaitana), Itzan Escamela (Samuel), Omar Ayusu (Omar), Claudia Salas (Rebecca) and Miguel Bernardo (Guzman) can still be seen in the popular series. Paul Grinch, Carla Diaz, Mano Rios Fernandez and Martina Caridi also joined the cast.

elite It tells the story of students who attended an elite school, Las Encinas. After an earthquake turns another school in the area to rubble, its students are laid to rest in Las Encinas. Freshmen cannot go one door with spoiled students at school. It all starts with bullying, but gets out of control when the student disappears under mysterious circumstances.

The first three seasons can be watched on Netflix. You saw it already? Could Queen’s gambit Then something for you.

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